Enterprise information managed.

The essential core of your digital strategy

Introducing the newest generation of omnichannel driven product information management. Get to know GRUD, the easiest and most flexible way to digitize and deliver your product information almost anywhere.


The most valuable asset in your business is data.

GRUD is a scalable web based platform, which helps to centralize, consolidate, and manage all your product information in one place. Enabling you to deliver a seamless and consistent product experience across multiple channels and various sources

GRUD is a PIM including core functionalities of typical DAM, CMS, and MDM system in one single highly flexible, extensible, and fast performing Omnichannel infrastructure.

Overview of GRUD

GRUD is more than a PIM or DAM

Due to its unique and generic approach GRUD becomes the essential hub to your Omnichannel strategy

All your marketing data in one place

Organize and merge rich media content seamlessly with your product data

Spread content to multiple channels

Deliver a seamless communication along your supply chain by tailoring content to the needs of your dealers and customers

Empowers your digital strategy

GRUD provides a rock solid but yet highly flexible infrastructure which adapts to your processes and strategies

Endless import possibilities

Centralizes and consolidates fragmented data from existing sources

Battle-tested Omnichannel infrastructure

Connect & synchronize your data across ERP, CRM, CMS, B2B-shop, digital POS, apps, and even print ready templates

Act global and deliver local

Multiregional & multilanguage ready. Manage units, currency, and product exclusion rules

Custom workflows

Review processes, translation management, in-context editing, and more

Tools & features

User Interface

  • TableView for quick bulk editing
  • FocusView to work with single datasets
  • Dashboard with completion status


  • Access rights & user management
  • Tag & comment important data
  • Work simultaneously with your team


  • Filter, search, sort & lock data
  • Inclusion & exclusion rules
  • Duplicate, copy & paste datasets
  • Predefined fields for error free input


  • Import & export data
  • Media management
  • Translation management
  • Customized product preview

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